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Front Page Sports Football Pro 98  
was the last completed football simulation published by Sierra Sports.

The USAFL began by using the original Football 95, then migrated to Football Pro 97. The modern era of the USAFL has used the Football Pro 98 game exclusively.

So you think you have what it takes to be a General Manager of a professional football team, eh? Well there are 17 other people who think they can build a better football team than you. Faster, stronger, and capable of winning day in and day out.

Still think you can build a champion from the ground up? Well the USA Football League is going to give you that chance. A chance to craft a roster of 53 players a run them through a regular season of 14 games. Only the lucky few get to advance to the post-season. And even rarer still, the Super Bowl.

If you get the shot, savor the journey. Its what this game is all about. Its all about late night trade negotiations and fiddling around with the calculator trying to squeeze another million out of the salary cap.

The USAFL will celebrate its 100th season in 2068 (May of 2005). This isn't a fly-by-night online league. We have been online since 1997, simming football and holding online drafts week after week. We love this game.

Our GMs know the USAFL inside and out. They could tell you which player covers the strong side downfield in the 4-6 defense or which player will be the go-to receiver in the Heavy offense. Don't worry. All the knowledge you need to play in the USAFL is right here on our website. Talk with any Super Bowl championship winning GM and he will tell you how many hours he has spent at this website. The statistical archive alone is mind boggling.

Still have the itch to prove to yourself that you can 
run a professional football team?